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Why Use a Cruise Specialist?
12/21/2006 12:29:13 AM Link |  | Add comment
Why Use a Cruise Specialist?
Again, Thanks to Gwen at Carnival Cruise Line:

"A 10/20/06 USA Today article , featured a 'major' ONLINE booking 'debacle'. (, click travel, in search input, "The Finger-pointing is over; Beach-trip Blunder Resolved". The writer, LInda Burbank, offered 2 suggestions to avoid online booking problems - Neither suggestion recommended the use of a professional cruise specialist!!!

Jist of the article: the customer booked & paid in full online; wrong resort reservations; online co didn't respond, the resort didn't have availability; arrived & no booking at the resort; charged again; .... yadda yadda yadda.

A) Positive -- Every one of you has helped a consumer who did internet research, & brought you confusing, ridiculously erroneous pricing information. By researching,
comparing, educating, & booking, you ultimately saved the customer valuable time & much money, while obtaining the best vacation value for their $$.
B) Negative -- Every one of you has received a call or visit from a customer who 'booked online', had a problem, situation, question, where they asked for your assistance.
But because you didn't make the booking, you could NOT help, assist or resolve the problem - AT ALL - because it was booked online without cruise specialist support."
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