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Passport Update for 2007-Passport Requirements
Thanks to Gwen from Carnival Cruise Line for this tidbit:

Passport Requirements for Cruise & Air
I strongly recommend clients obtain a passport. WHY? A cruise passenger without a passport may experience an emergency at a port of call & is forced to disembark.
How will he/she leave that country? In order to fly from any destinations we sail to, a passport is required. Passport Cruise & Air details below:
CRUISE TRAVEL The U.S. Government will require all of our guests (including U.S. citizens) to be in possession of a valid passport when traveling on any Carnival cruise. This requirement will become effective as early as 1/01/08. Please be aware that this effective date may be moved to an earlier date pending the U.S. Government’s implementation of new identification cards (PASScards) that will provide a less expensive alternative form of documentation. We previously quoted: This requirement will become effective no later than 6/01/09.
AIR TRAVEL: Effective 1/23/07, passports will be required for air travel to or from Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, The Bahamas and Bermuda. The previous date was 1/08/07.
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