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Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Club

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Cruising with Royal Caribbean International can be rewarding, especially when you're a member of the Crown & Anchor Society. The more you treat yourself to our amazing cruises, the more we reward you with benefits and extras.

After 1st Completed Cruise

After 5 Completed Cruise Credits

After 10 Completed Cruise Credits

Diamond Plus
After 24 Completed Cruise Credits

Terms & Conditions

Onboard Benefits

Ultimate Value Booklet* Welcome Back Party**
Complimentary Wine Tasting** Commemorative gift
Crown & Anchor Society Membership Number (if applicable)

Cruise Planning Benefits

Saving certificates online

Additional Benefits
Receive an extra cruise credit when you purchase and sail in a suite (categories RS, OS, FS, GS, JS) for sailings beginning on or after January 1, 2004
Receive two cruise credits for a 12-night or longer cruise/cruisetour on or after January 1, 2003 ****

Award-winning Crown & Anchor magazine
Member contests
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Onboard Benefits
Private departure lounge
Exclusive onboard event

Robes for use onboard
Priority check-in (where available)

Cruise Planning Benefits
Receive matching Captain's Club member recognition when you sail our sister line, Celebrity Cruises
A special number to call for pre-cruise benefits, (888) 437-1953 ***

Complimentary custom air fee ***
Special rates on balcony and suite staterooms ***
Premium Saving certificates online

Onboard Benefits
Priority wait list for sold-out shore excursions/spa services
Concierge service on select ships +++

Priority departure from ship

Cruise Planning Benefits
Priority wait list for dining room seating ***

Onboard Benefits
Personalized amenity delivered to your stateroom or dining room

Behind-the-scenes tours *****

Cruise Planning Benefits
Exclusive access to Loyalty Specialist for you or your travel agent
Preferred seating in main dining room

And more Cruise Planning Benefits

Additional Benefits
Diamond Plus membership card
Diamond Plus baggage tags
Diamond Plus lapel pin
Extra Diamond Plus benefits available after 49 and then 75 completed cruise credits

Special benefit available to those valued members who reach their 100th cruise credit

*Savings certificates to use in our spas, casinos, bars, and more - delivered first day of the cruise to your stateroom.
** Offered only on cruise vacations of 7 nights or longer.
*** In order to take advantage of these pre-cruise benefits, complimentary custom air fee, special rates on balcony and suite staterooms, and priority wait list for dining room seating, you must call (888) 437-1953 prior to your cruise. Complimentary custom air fee will only be waived once. For any additional changes made after the initial request, the normal custom air fee will be applied.
**** Earn one cruise credit for each completed sailing and an extra cruise credit when you purchase and sail in a suite (for sailings beginning on or after January 1, 2004) or when you sail on a 12-night or longer cruise/cruisetour (for sailings beginning on or after January 1, 2003).
***** Available only on cruise vacations of 5 nights or longer.
+++ After 5:00 PM, access to Concierge Clus is limited to guests 18 and older. During other times, guests under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Royal Caribbean Cruises

Holland America Cruises-Panama Canal Cruise
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Holland America Cruises-Reviews
Oosterdam / Reviewed by JOHN
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 04/11/2004
Reviewed on: 07/08/2004


Holland America Cruises-Panama Canal Cruise
Celebrity Cruises-Hawaii Cruise
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Celebrity Cruises-Reviews
Infinity / Reviewed by Anonymous
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 11/25/2004
Reviewed on: 12/20/2004
Review: You could not ask for better service and entertainment. Food was superior. Cabins were roomier than we expected. We were on the Hawaiian cruise and the itinerary was fine, and the shore excursions were uniformly of high quality.
Celebrity Cruises-Hawaii Cruise
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises / Reviewed by L Gierlack
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed on: 06/09/2004
Review: The Golden Princess was absolutely fabulous. We went on our first cruise last Nov and are hooked! In fact, we have already booked another one for this Nov. I can't say one thing bad about Princess. The staff was great-- friendly, helpful and a lot of fun. The food and activities were out of this world. Everything on board was excellent!!!
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises / Reviewed by Donna Poirier
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 11/14/2003
Reviewed on: 07/21/2004
Review: I went on my first Cruise on the Golden Princess Last November 2003, My husband and I had the time of our Lives. I have been on Vacations many times but you realey do not know what a vacation is till you board the Princess Cruise Lines. We had the best crew anyone in any fleet could ever have so much that In November 2006 we are planing on bring 4 other addults and one of my kids. and Of corse we want to go back on the Princess Cruise Line. Do you know any where elce you can have food 24 hours aday. and the Crue will make you feel like you are the most specialest person in this world. I have 4 kids so having a crew that will keep you laughing and relaxing for 7 nights. and get off the ship and wanting to see you back again. Well that takes the cake in my book and we are going to be Cruising the Princess Cruise Lines for long time to come in the future. Beleave me you do not know what feeling like a King or Queen is till you have been Aboard any of the Princess Ships. So get up and Go with the flow.
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
Princess Cruises-Alaska Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises / Reviewed by Tonya
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 08/07/2004
Reviewed on: 08/19/2004
Review: We sailed on the Island Princess cruisetour to Alaska in August, and it was the most wonderful trip we have ever taken! Princess is extremely organized and takes care of every detail to make your vacation perfect. The kids club was outstanding and our children couldn't wait to take part in their activities everyday. It was the perfect trip!
Princess Cruises-Alaska Cruises
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises - Total Escape / Reviewed by Jennifer
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 03/15/2004
Reviewed on: 10/06/2004
Review: I was SO opposed to going on a cruise based on what people have told me of their experiences on Carnival, NCL and Royal Car. My husband wanted to go on one for our honeymoon...and a little reluctantly I agreed.

I'm SO glad I did! We went on a 10 day S. Car. Dawn Princess cruise and had an amazing time. We loved it so much, we went on a Mexico cruise 4 months later! Then we put a deposit for our next adventure!

Princess is phenomenal. You never get the cattle call feeling, or that you are just a room number. Our room stewards and wait staff were VERY friendly. I was amazed, because I know they can't make a whole lot.

Food was always an event...the meals are unrivaled. Just give in to gaining 10 lbs in a week! I'm still working it off...ah well.

Princess is not cheesy either. Everything is nice, polished and everyone is genuine. Nothing is worn down, even on the 10+ year old ships. Based on what people have told me about other cruiselines, it is a step above. Plus there are some great deals out there!
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
Princess Cruises-New England Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises / Reviewed by Dale B Milani
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 09/03/2005
Reviewed on: 09/13/2005
Review: Just completed our annual Labor Day / week cruise up the New England Coast to Halifax,NS and St John,NB, Canada out of NYC, aboard the Golden Princess.
The ship was full, although one would never know it. They have now made all but one restaurant open seating, and one can actually make reservations in the dining rooms, but it's not necessary.
The ship still looks pretty good, a few cosmetic touch ups could be made, but overall she is a beauty. What we found to be the best was one really never felt that the ship was full. There was a problem with the newly "installed" first port in the USA, ship must go thru customs....which would be fine, only the officials boarded one hour late! But it did make it much easier than having to do it in NYC.
Overall rating would be 4 star plus...
Princess Cruises-New England Cruise
Princess Cruises-Canada Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises / Reviewed by Tom Mantz
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 09/26/2005
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005
Review: We just returned from our twelfth cruise. We decided to take a week and enjoy Canada and the West Coast. The Sapphire Princess is a gorgeous ship. We found all of Princess processes, i.e., registration, immigration docs, all very simple on-line. The day we boarded in Vancouver, BC was so simple! Our stateroom (balcony) on Aloha Deck was very, very comfortable. Our room was kept clean, and was very enjoyable. The food was consistently great! I would like to see Princess do away with charging for the ice cream bar! We were very impressed and even though most of our cruises have been on NCL, we will definitely be back. I can highly recommend Princess Cruises!
Princess Cruises-Canada Cruise
Princess Cruises-Golden Princess-Caribbean Cruise
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Great time on the Golden Princess / Reviewed by Sue Lange
Traveled on: 01/28/2006
Reviewed on: 02/18/2006
Review: The Golden Princess was wonderful! We had a balcony cabin on the Caribe deck (this deck has larger balconies) Very nice! The food and service were exceptional. Very spacious ship, never felt crowded. Entertainment was very good. We loved the terrace pool in the back of the ship on the Aloha Deck! Can't wait to start planning our next cruise!!
Princess Cruises-Caribbean Cruises
Princess Cruises-Panama Canal Cruise-Review
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Princess Cruises-Reviews
Princess Cruises - Panama Canal / Reviewed by Shelley
Rating: 5 Stars
Traveled on: 01/20/2004
Reviewed on: 11/05/2005
Review: Our group of 4 adults travelled on the Island Princes - 10 Day - Panama Canal cruise in January 2004. It was amazing. It was my fourth cruise and it was by far the best. Our cabin steward and dining staff were OUTSTANDING. The food was delicious. The rooms were very spacious. My only complaint about the cruise line was the onboard entertainment. The poolside band was one of the worst I have ever heard. They tried too hard to play modern tunes. We are in the tropics, play reggae, calypso, mariachi, etc. One evening we attempted to listen to the lounge band and they were just as bad. Thankfully, the evening shows were fabulous. Excellent comedian, singers, musicians, dancers, they were amazing and VERY talented.

In regards to ports of call, if the cruise takes you to Ocho Rios, either stay on the ship or take a ship guided tour. We decided to venture out on our own and were hassled the minute we left the ship until the minute we got back on. It made for a very long and stressful day. Everywhere you turned someone was trying to sell you "ganja". I was looking at a shirt in a women's clothing store. There was a man lurking in the shadows offering to sell me "ganja". (I am about as far from looking like someone who does drugs as your imagination can picture.)

Grand Cayman was beautiful and the locals were unbelievably courteous. You are safe getting off the ship and exploring on your own. Much less expensive. Wander into the shopping district and try the different flavored rum cakes and the kiosks. The chocolate is excellent. I would recommend buying the smaller cakes rather than a large cake. Also, this is the best place to buy your duty-free alcohol. If you are looking for excellent snorkelling do not listen to anyone that suggests cemetary reef. I suggest doing research before leaving on vacation.

We went thru the Canal at a very early hour of the morning. Make sure you set your alarm, you do not want to miss the experience. Regarding the Gatun Lake stop make sure you book a ship guided tour because the ship does not dock. You basically hang out in the lake until you go back thru the locks to San Cristobal. We did not know this and hung out all day which is fine it was a beautiful day. I suggest that when you get to San Cristobal get off the ship and check out the souvenir warehouse at port. Great deals. Local entertainment. Get your picture taken with a "witch doctor".

Costa Rica was our favorite stop. We got off and toured the market. Make sure you check out the puzzle boxes, I am wishing I bought more. (There were Inukshuks, maple leafs, sea shells, dophins, etc.) The ship is right there so we returned our purchases. Then we went back thru the market into the what looks like a bus stop. There is a little tour company that offers fair deals. Our guide was Jose and he was PHENOMENAL. We started at a small chiquita banana plantation he took us to a national eco park, he bought him and I chicken empanadas from a roadside vendor, then he turned the taxi wheel over to my boyfriend so he could eat. We stopped for corn at a roadside stand, he fed us sugar cane from someone's front yard and he fed us fresh coconut from the roadside. It is a day we will talk about for years to come.

We are currently making plans for our second of many Princess cruise holidays.
Princess Cruises-Panama Canal Cruises
Carnival Cruises-Caribbean Cruise
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Carnival Cruises
Carnival Valor / Reviewed by A.K. Arce
Traveled on: 10/16/2005
Reviewed on: 10/30/2005
Review: What a wonderful ship! 6 of us took this ship departing Miami on October 16th. We were supposed to go to the Western Carribean, but Hurricane Wilma got in our way and we had to be rerouted. Yes, we were frustrated and disappointed, but the Captain and crew made such a huge effort to make the trip special that by the end, no one wanted to get off the ship! The decor is wonderful, the food is to die for, and the staff was amazingly helpful and friendly. Although our ship was completely sold out, we noticed only minimal lines. There was room enough for all, and we are counting the days until we can travel with Carnival again!
Caribbean Cruise-Carnival Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises-Caribbean Cruise

Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the Seas / Reviewed by Fiona Lang
Rating: 4 Stars
Traveled on: 05/16/2006
Reviewed on: 05/19/2006
Review: Freedom of the Seas

On June 4th, 2006 the largest (for the moment) cruise ship in the world will take her first group of passengers on her maiden voyage. At 160,000 gross registered tones, this ship is enormous, she plays host to 3608 passengers with a complement of 1389 crew members.

Some people within the travel industry were invited to visit Freedom of the Seas for a little sneak-peak prior to her entering regular service. I am pleased to inform you that John Lang, and Fiona Lang of The Cruise People, Ltd. were among those lucky travel industry types.

With so many passengers in this ship, I was concerned about how long it would take to get into the ship. Embarkation is never a fun process, but embarkation with 3607 of your closest friends, the mere thought of it filled me with anxiety. It wasnt nearly so hectic as I had feared it would be.

The ship is huge, however most of the time she didnt really feel that way. By creating a large number of smaller public rooms Royal Caribbean managed to give Freedom of the Seas a very intimate feel. It is easy to forget you are in the worlds largest cruise ship.

One thing to note though, since this ship features a four deck high atrium, known at the Royal Promenade, there is no stair tower in the middle of the ship. So, if you have a mid-ship cabin, you will need to walk for quite a while to get to the stairs, and elevators.

People frequently ask me about food in the different cruise lines, and for this ship I will preface my remarks by saying this ship hasnt even entered service yet, so there could be a learning curve going on in the galley. Some of my food was fantastic, really, could not be improved upon in any way. Unfortunately, some of my meals were disappointing. Over all however, Im not about to say skip the whole thing because of one under par serving of eggs benedict! Also, unlike in the more expensive ships the milk they served at breakfast in the dining room came to you in a carton. definitely not the end of the world, but a little thing that I noticed. Another little thing I noticed that did make a big difference was that when I requested a cheese platter for dessert (not offered on the menu), our waiter promised to try to bring me one, with a counter offer that if he couldnt do it would we like a fruit plate. When he returned, he was bearing a plate with four types of cheese, grapes, walnuts, and apricots.

There is an assortment of alternatives to the traditional ships dining room for you to explore should you desire. The Windjammer Cafe is the nicest lido restaurant I have ever seen with flowers on every table, and many crew members to attend to you. You pick up your food from the buffet in the usual style, and a crew member will collect your beverages for you. There is also a Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream Parlor (additional charge), Seattles Best Coffee (additional charge), Sorrentos Pizzaria (additional charge), and Johnny Rockets Diner (additional charge, not for the burgers, just for the beverages.), and Chops, Freedom of the Seas specialty restaurant (additional charge).

The big innovation in Freedom of the Seas is the Flow Rider surf simulator. This was a big hit! Royal Caribbean does not charge for the use of this. Im hoping to visit the ship again and take a shot at it. Freedom of the Seas also has a boxing ring on board, as well as the now almost obligatory rock climbing wall, mini-golf course, basket ball court, whirlpools suspended 112 feet above the ocean, and 12 feet out from the side of the ship, several pools, and H20 Zone a dedicated family water fun area with colourful water spouting sculptures, a small 3 foot deep pool with a comfortable current flowing so you can ride around in leisurely circles, and a family only swimming pool. There is also an adult only pool.

For those who would like some relaxation with their recreation there is a spa on board offering a variety of services including manicure, pedicure, and hot rock massage.

The fitness centre has a large selection of elliptical trainers, and treadmills, as well as stationary bikes, and weight machines. For and additional charge, your may join in for a yoga or pilates class, or take boxing lessons.

The crew was generally very thoughtful, enthusiastic, and helpful. I think it would be difficult to make any improvements with the service and the crew, only because they are so good!

My overall feeling about Freedom of the Seas is surprise. I was expecting her to be horribly crowded, that the crew would have to rush, and that service would then suffer. I was wrong. This ship is full of fun things to do, and little nooks to explore, places to shop, and great entertainers who involve the audience in their shows. The ice show is a must see. For our voyage there was an ABBA tribute group on board, so I even got to go to a concert.

At the end of a day that has you wondering: "Where did all the time go? You retire to a quiet, well appointed cabin, and climb into a deliciously comfortable bed with a duvet, and fall into a sleep that is so deep and restful, you will be ready to do it all again to-morrow.

I would recommend this ship to anyone looking for lots of things to do, Im even recommending this cruise to myself, as the people who tried the Flow Rider said... "I wanna go again!".

Fiona Lang

Caribbean Cruise-Royal caribbean Cruises
Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises
Secrets of Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises

If you are looking to book a cruise on Royal Caribbean in the near future or on Celebrity, I have a couple pearls of wisdom for you. Celebrity is considered a Premium Cruise Line by just about every notable cruise industry magazine. They are my personal favorite bar none. Royal Caribbean is on the same level as Carnival Cruise Line-they compete head-to-head in every major market. Like it or not, they are priced to compete with Carnival. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Inc. owns Celebrity Cruise Line. If you look at comparable cruises and rooms, you will find that, in 80-90% of the time, Celebrity is a MUCH better rate. How can this be? Simple. Royal Caribbean has the highest repeat business of ANY cruise line we have ever sold. Therefore, higher demand translates into higher rates. The big ships with rock-climbing walls and ice skating rinks are bells and whistles that attract a lot of cruisers. We don't see this trend changing any time soon so the next time you are looking at purchasing a Royal Caribbean cruise, have your agent check Celebrity for the same cruise. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that we are right. The difference between a good cruise and a great cruise is your agent!

Brian James
All Aboard Cruises Corp
Royal Caribbean Cruises-Celebrity Cruises
The Internets Premier Cruise Specialists!
How to find the Lowest Rates on a Carnival Cruise
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Carnival Cruises
June 20, 2006

How to Get the Lowest Rates on a Carnival Cruise:

This is our latest installment on helping clients find the best rates on any Carnival cruise. As one of the industrys leading online Cruise Specialists, we have put together some of easiest ways to ensure you will get the best rates on your next Carnival cruise!

First, pick a cruise specialist. Using a specialist will eliminate the uncertainty associated with using a travel agent in that a specialist knows the inner workings of the cruise line in regards to best travel dates, promotions, ship details, routes etc. When searching for a specialist, whenever possible, talk to them personally. Doing searches on the internet these days is leaving too much to chance. Everyone and their mother is selling cruises today and you want to make sure that the specialist you are buying from has actually been on a cruise! Makes sense, right? When choosing your specialist, find out if you will be taken care exclusively by the specialist through the entire booking process and not become just a number after you book. You are spending too much money to become a statistic! How do you know that you are receiving the best possible rate? Simple, call the cruise line directly and compare your rate. Make sure your rate includes all port charges and taxes. If you look close, 95% of so-called bargains on the internet are not bargains at all-you can get the same rate by dealing with the cruise line directly. Beware of outrageous internet claims- "75% off your cruise!" "Buy one get one free!" "Free Air". You have heard it before, if it sounds too good to be true... There are literally thousands of garbage promotion hooks. That doesnt mean there are not honest promotions out there. You can usually tell the difference by how they are presented. More to come!


All Aboard Cruises Corp
The Internets Premier Cruise Specialists!
Carnival Cruise-Carnival Cruises
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We've recently been selling a ton of cruises from Norfolk, Baltimore, New York, Bayonne and Philadelphia. Probably because we KNOW every ship and EVERY route FIRST-HAND! We've been on every one of these ships and routes! Not too many companies on the net can claim that! Go ahead, ask them! Anyway, enough chest beating. Caribbean cruises are the bargains now so book yours NOW! What are you waiting for? UPDATE: Since the dollar is so low right now, it really isn't a wise decision to book a Mediterranean cruise or Europe cruise. Take advantage of currencies that are lower than ours by booking a Caribbean cruise. We offer EVERY Caribbean cruise available at discount rates and expert service. We KNOW every Caribbean cruise because we've been on them all! Book your next Caribbean cruise with us!